Modernize Existing Intercoms with Fortices
Preserve Investments & Reduce Monthly Bills
Fortices devices make existing intercoms Smart and Secure at affordable costs and lower monthly bills, and eliminate frequent "out of service" frustrations. Regain control of your front door and never miss any deliveries again, even when you are not home. Your smart building starts at the front door with the Fortices devices.

Everything remains the same but Smarter

Same Experiences for Tenants and Visitors
The intercom looks the same, and all existing functionalities remain unchanged: visitors request entry as before, tenants answer calls and press a digit to open the front door as before, FOB will continue to work, etc.
Call Mobile or Home Phone
Choose to call your mobile phone or home phone. Receive regular phone calls so no need to install mobile app. Never miss your guests or package deliveries again.
Lower Monthly Bills Significantly
HOA will see a significant reduction in monthly bills (up to 50%), and better quality and more reliable phone calls.
Up-to-date Tenant Directory
Tenant directory is updated more frequently for security and reliability, and to stay current with tenants onboarding/offboarding. The directory is kept confidential, and the updated version is available to HOA.
Monitoring and Logging Call Histories
The systems are monitored continuously, and alerts are sent for issues. Call histories are logged for review and audit, and they are available to HOA upon request.
Intelligent Access Control (coming soon!)
Identify visitors, guests, and delivery workers with certainty via high definition camera and large field of view
Next Steps
Submit Request

Click Get a free Estimate. After receiving your request, we will schedule a FREE site visit to collect information about your intercom.
Email - Engineering Solution & Quotation
We will design a custom Engineering Solution based on the site assessment information, and prepare a Fair Quotation for you. Our proposal is simple and easy to understand, and contains sufficient details for the HOA board meeting to make informed decision, and we can help presenting to board members if requested.
Once we receive your authorization, we will schedule the earliest available installation date that meets your schedules. Your community is now fully onboarded, and we will:
  • Provide our Contact Info for: questions, requests, rescheduling, etc.
  • Create Communication list (email of authorized parties including the HOA management) for status update, milestone reminders, etc.
  • Identify the on-site manager. Our technician will call the on-site manager on the installation date for access
  • Identify a Tenant for final validation. If the on-site manager is not a tenant, we usually need a tenant that we can do validations post installation, before our technician leaves the site.
Welcome Fortices Smart Devices
Typical installation takes less than half a day. Our technician will inform the on-site manager prior to leaving the site. Next, we will:
  • Email a Summary: work completed and changes (if applicable), how to submit service request if necessary; recommended services based on on-site observations, etc.
  • Follow up email after a week
  • Monitor your smart intercom for issues, anomalies, etc.
  • Provide Usage Metrics when requested
Let us assess your intercom and prepare a proposal for your review
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